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Nutrition is the best form of medicine you could ever give yourself. That's why we offer a variety of supplements to help you kick-start your nutrition.


You'll find products from Standard Process, Garden of Life, Mt. Capra and other whole food supplements.

When acupuncture alone isn't enough to give you total relief, herbal remedies can help. We offer the finest selection of Kan herbals and Medi-Herb products trusted by acupuncturists all around the country.


You can use herbal remedies for both acute situations and chronic conditions.


Buy Chinese herbs and herbal remedies

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Treat your health problems with proper nutrition

 •  Netti pots

 •  Young Living essential oils

 •  Chinese burn cream

 •  Yoga mats

 •  Other unique health items that have been tried and tested

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Find everything you need to lead a healthy life:

Do you know someone who could benefit from acupuncture treatments, massage treatments, or quality products? We offer gift cards for one session or a package of treatments. You can pay by credit card and make your own certificate or we can send one to your email.

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