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 •  Allergies

 •  Arm, shoulder, neck, back, and leg pain

 •  Cardiovascular disorders

 •  Ear and eye disorders

 •  Headaches

 •  High blood pressure

 •  Osteoporosis

 •  Many more

Do you suffer with chronic pain? Do you want to find relief from your disorder without resorting to dangerous drugs? Professional acupuncture treatment can do wonders for your life.


Our experienced practitioners can help you live without pain.

Be on your way to a pain-free life

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Treat various conditions naturally:

 •  Chinese Acupuncture

 •  Japanese Acupuncture

 •  Moxibution

 •  TDP Lamp

 •  Cupping

 •  Quasha

 •  Herbal Formulas

 •  Auricular Points

 •  Massage Therapeutic

Get professional acupuncture treatments:

"I have been visiting Gary for years receiving massages and acupuncture for finding well-being and balance in my life, especially with the stress and pressures in my daily routine. Throughout the years, he has helped me, as well as some family and friends, to be more in tune with our bodies and to achieve a level of wholeness in our lives. I have been to numerous massage therapists in my travels throughout the world, and. Iin my experience, no one has come close to the superior diagnosis and treatment which he has provided. I highly recommend Gary as a a natural healthcare provider. You will feel more alive than ever after a visit to his office." - Greg Greiten

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